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hey everyone!! OMOCAT FALL collection was a great success! we are happy to announce that we had items sell out in just one day!! (some pictured above)

however, due to a technical issue, the shop system did not list all of our items in stock- meaning sold out items will be BACK IN STOCK tomorrow at midnight (or maybe even later today). be sure to check back!

if you have already ordered, your packages will be shipping out within the next few days (and should take about 4-5 days to arrive if you are U.S. domestic.) i hope you love it!!

in other news, OMOCAT will sadly not be able to release a WINTER LINE. i’m going to be working hardcore on OMORI and on a surprise for OCTOBER (it has nothing to do with halloween). however, we will have most of our old items restocked for the holiday season (sometime around november).

this collection was especially fun to bring to life and i’m so grateful to be able to keep doing what i’m doing. this career something i’ve dreamed of ever since i was a child, so thank you for making OMOCAT what it is today!!

until next time!  :)


Taco can fuck off, it just got comfortable.



I regret making this post

Don’t. It’s beautiful.



I regret making this post

Don’t. It’s beautiful.



AATP Shinjuku: ガブリオールフリルシューズ

I’m offical in love! <3<3<3 need all colors!


gimme gimme gimme all the tartan please ; v;


*sees a dog*

me: holy shit


'Tis the season to be spooky ☁☽

Today I coordinated my old Halloween Alice jumperskirt and velveteen witch hat with my new Ghost Border otk socks.  A little bit witchy, a little bit cute. ♡